My 2016 on Color Film

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January always comes, doesn’t it? The start to 2017 has me filled up with reminiscing, hoping, planning, hesitating, praying, and overall, looking up. So many people were happy to say goodbye to 2016, and in some ways, I’m with them. But 2016 gave me my sweet Lucy, brought me to Kansas City, taught me how to fight and how to keep quiet, championed our beloved Chicago Cubs, and set the stage for so many beautiful moments with my clients and my family. And I would relive the frustrating, ugly-crying, gross moments a hundred times just to experience one of these photographs again in real time. Some moments that should have been photographed, especially the really really hard ones, aren’t here. Some of these images were complete surprises to me, so much that they evoked actual squeals when I got the scans back. There are a few other photographs from last year that are too sacred for this post. I made these photos in my kitchen, in my hospital bed, on a cliff, in a river, in my current and previous hometowns, laying on the floor with my babies, and one — this is not made up — with my body suspended between two boats and both hands on my Hasselblad. (I did not fall, in case you were wondering.) All of these were made by me on color film (with a teeny sprinkle of color film converted to black and white) through various and assorted film cameras in the year 2016. Have a look.





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